Veterinary Truck For Sale

(Additional photos below.)

• 2011 Ford Transit Connect (purchased new in December 2011).
• 105,000 miles (front wheel drive).
• Black “spots” are vinyl and can be peeled off.
• One twelve gallon hot water tank with two wash hoses; one at the rear and one at the left side sliding door.
• Five full extension drawers (from Bowie) open to the back, approximately 36 inches deep.
• AC/DC refrigerator (Norcold).
• Day and night heater in drawer/drug section of truck.
• Additional 120V heater with thermostat in front section of the truck (for night time use if the truck stays outside.)
• AC plug access is next to the front license plate.
• The cargo area is divided by a solid wall three feet in front of the back doors.
• I used the left side sliding door access and the front area of the truck to do ET work. Permanent shelf with DC outlets and room for a chair/stool.
• Latch is disabled on right hand sliding door. It has never been opened.
• Driver’s seat only, passenger seat has been removed to make room for water tank. (Passenger seat will sell with the truck.)
• When it is colder than minus ten degrees I never turn the truck off. Worst mileage was 22 MPG. Best ever was over 29 MPG. 25 MPG average.
• 15,000 miles on tires. I use snow tires year round and have never been stuck.
• CD player, electric windows and locks.
• Vehicle is easy and fun to drive. Great visibility.

$13,900 firm. Call for more information at 952-412-3773 or email at